World’s Colliding Challenge – School Me and Home Me

People say that these school days are our golden days and that we won’t get them back so we should cherish them.It was not a long time ago when I was promoted to a higher level and things just became more complicated. I had many school responsibilities,projects,homework and tons to study. I am a position holder so I used to spend most of my time buried in books that i forgot all about my home life !

 I started to get very disorganized in my house chores and it was like time was flying. I stopped paying attention to my family. On the other hand I had to face anxiety and stress which was doing no good to my health. I was very cranky towards my family due to the over pressure. But then one night when I was lying on my bed I realized what I was doing. I was allowing two of “me” collide against each other which was only resulting as a disadvantage to me.

From that night onwards I vowed to myself that I would never let anything like this happen again. I did not stop studying nor did i became a bookworm I just simply left my “school me” in school and my  “home me” at home, which helped me give time to my studies as well as my family.