World’s Colliding Challenge – School Me and Home Me

People say that these school days are our golden days and that we won’t get them back so we should cherish them.It was not a long time ago when I was promoted to a higher level and things just became more complicated. I had many school responsibilities,projects,homework and tons to study. I am a position holder so I used to spend most of my time buried in books that i forgot all about my home life !

 I started to get very disorganized in my house chores and it was like time was flying. I stopped paying attention to my family. On the other hand I had to face anxiety and stress which was doing no good to my health. I was very cranky towards my family due to the over pressure. But then one night when I was lying on my bed I realized what I was doing. I was allowing two of “me” collide against each other which was only resulting as a disadvantage to me.

From that night onwards I vowed to myself that I would never let anything like this happen again. I did not stop studying nor did i became a bookworm I just simply left my “school me” in school and my  “home me” at home, which helped me give time to my studies as well as my family.


2 thoughts on “World’s Colliding Challenge – School Me and Home Me

  1. Hi there,
    I can relate to this. Not just school life, but it happens when you’re working as well. Too many times, work gets in the way of personal life. Btu once you’ve realised it, it becomes easier to handle.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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