You miss 100% of the chance’s you don’t take !

My friends all over the world, have you ever gotten a thought in your head when you wake up in the morning that maybe you should have taken part in the spellathon so that people would have gotten to see the talent that lie’s within you ? OR that maybe you shouldn’t have picked up on the kid in your school as he meant no harm to anyone ? Guy’s, life is full of regret but that doesn’t mean that you stop taking risks in your life ’cause without risks you will never be able to prosper or face the obstacles this world throws at you ! You never enjoy your life living there inside a box, so afraid of taking chances then how are you ever going to reach the top ? Break all your rules and regulations, get rid of the hesitation it’s time for you to make the day ! Instead of just sitting around wasting your time, go out there and get it ! I am not going to force you to smile but I am here to help you notice the rainbow ’cause i know whats in you is somewhere out there ! There are many of you out there who are scared that they might not make it but how can you say that if you don’t even try ? You are not alone every single person in this entire world is with you ! So get up and go get it ! I’ll be waiting for you and always remember the first step is the hardest but if you succeed in taking the first stepl, your whole path will then eventually light up !